Audio reviews

SMSL AO300 review

SMSL AO300 review: a sound all-in-one

The SMSL AO300 continues what we’ve already seen with the DO400, but brings it to the stereo amplification…

Dec 15, 202310 min read
Nank Runner Diver2 review

Nank Runner Diver 2 review: liquid sound?

Bone conduction headphones are becoming more and more commonplace, thanks to the technology evolving and becoming more affordable.…

Dec 14, 202311 min read
Astell&Kern UW100MKII review

Astell&Kern UW100MKII review: now this is music

I’ve never been really a fan of true wireless earbuds, mostly due to the fact that they often…

Nov 23, 202310 min read
TRETTITRE TreSound Mini review

Trettitre TreSound Mini review: a speaker from the Space Age

Design is certainly one of the most interesting and relevant legacies we got from the so-called “Space Age”…

Nov 2, 20238 min read
KZ Krila review

KZ Krila review: (almost) a giant killer

KZ’s new hybrid earphones target the entry-level area of the market, but that doesn’t mean they don’t sound…

Oct 20, 20237 min read
Cleer Alpha review

Cleer Alpha review: premium, but not in price

Cleer has definitely made a name for itself in the ANC headphones space, thanks to products which offer…

Sep 14, 20239 min read


Widex Moment

How it is to live with a hearing aid: my experience with Widex Moment

I am losing my hearing. Slowly, but surely, my ability to hear is getting worse. It’s been like…

Jan 7, 202217 min read
Blog: the toll to be paid

Blog: the toll to be paid

Last night was the first one I’ve had in quite a while of decent sleep. I went to…

Jun 12, 20215 min read
Interview time: Marcin Słomkowski from Neederland (of TrueStand fame)

Interview time: Marcin Słomkowski from Neederland (of TrueStand fame)

The pandemic has brought us many bad things, but there’s also light in this darkness. Many companies were…

Jun 12, 20218 min read
Lypertek PurePlay Z3 2.0

Lypertek announces the PurePlay Z3 2.0, the second-gen Tevi

Lypertek has announced the second generation of the award-winning Tevi, now the PurePlay Z3. The Lypertek PurePlay Z3…

May 25, 20212 min read
Soundphile Review

Soundphile Review: sound reviews of sound equipment. A blog about headphones, earphones and audio devices by Riccardo Robecchi. Made between Italy and Scotland with love, passion and the help of an English dictionary

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