Audio reviews

Creative Aurvana Ace 2 review

Creative Aurvana Ace 2 review: early adoption

The Creative Aurvana Ace 2 are the second model that the company launches with the new xMEMS driver.…

Jul 19, 202413 min read
Soundcore Motion X500

soundcore Motion X500 review: spatial sound, different

Spatial sound is all the rage right now, with companies investing heavily in both content and devices capable…

Jul 13, 20248 min read
AFUL MagicOne review

AFUL MagicOne review: one is enough

With a name like AFUL, it’s impossible not to make jokes, so let’s address that right from the…

Jul 11, 20247 min read
OneOdio Monitor 80 review

OneOdio Monitor 80 review: all play, no work

The OneOdio Monitor 80 headphones are a very affordable option and this is what has led to their…

Jun 21, 20247 min read
IO Audio VOLARE review

IO Audio VOLARE review: an amazing debut

IO Audio, which they stylise as “I\O Audio”, is a new company which makes its unusual debut with…

May 30, 202410 min read
BASN MTPro review

BASN MTPro review: planar, not plain

As a new manufacturer, BASN certainly seems to know what they’re doing. The BASN MTPro join the ever-growing…

May 21, 20248 min read
Hidizs S8 Pro Robin review

Hidizs S8 Pro Robin review: nimble

While it is as small as a robin, the new Hidizs S8 Pro Robin thankfully doesn’t start pecking…

May 20, 20245 min read
Maono Maonocaster C2 Neo review

Maono Maonocaster C2 Neo review: small mixer, great features

Everyone’s a streamer or a podcaster these days – or, at the very least, wants to play online…

May 11, 20248 min read
Maono PM500T review

Maono PM500T review: pro mic, budget price

While they are in a way more difficult to use, because they need phantom power to operate, condenser…

May 11, 20246 min read

A/V reviews

UPERFECT K118 review

UPERFECT K118 portable monitor review: portable accuracy

Portable monitors are more and more of a thing: having two (or more) screens is indeed much more…

Apr 10, 202411 min read
Goodee YG620 review: a good projector, but at a price

Goodee YG620 review: a good projector, but at a price

If you are into the scene of Chinese smartphones you might recognise the name Doogee: they now manufacture…

Nov 21, 202013 min read
Nebula Capsule Max review

Nebula Capsule Max review: wherever cinema

Of all the things I thought I’d review when I founded Soundphile Review more than three years ago,…

Mar 16, 202012 min read


How I converted an old computer to my media centre (that can rip CDs)

How I converted an old computer to my media centre (that can rip CDs)

Old computers need not lay in tips. In fact, they can still be quite useful, even well past…

Jul 14, 20249 min read
North West Audio Show 2024

North West Audio Show report: the (un)usual hi-fi show

I had the opportunity of attending the North West Audio Show, one of UK’s largest audio shows, set…

Jul 4, 20249 min read
CanJam London 2023

CanJam London 2023 report: headphones headphones headphones

After missing CanJam London for three years in a row – two times because the show didn’t happen…

Aug 24, 202320 min read

Snag a pair of QCY T13, the budget TWS which I recommend, for $10 off with a coupon

If you’ve been following the blog for a while, you know that I recommended the QCY T13 although…

Jul 9, 20222 min read

Mechanical Keyboards

Yunzii AL75 review

Yunzii AL75 review: luxury budget

Jul 16, 202410 min read

Yunzii has managed, in a very short time, to get…

KiiBoom Moonshadow 81 review

KiiBoom Moonshadow 81 review: lights and shadows

Dec 30, 20239 min read

Some keyboards are just built differently. The KiiBoom Moonshadow 81…

Epomaker EK68 review

Epomaker EK68 review: versatile 65%

Nov 1, 20237 min read

From a trend among keyboard enthusiasts, who naturally constitute a…

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