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APPJ PA1502A review

APPJ PA1502A review: warm vibes

Vacuum tubes, thermionic tubes or valves, electron tubes… The names are many, but the devices are the same.…

Nov 21, 20189 min read
KZ ZS4 review

KZ ZS4 review: the same old song

I genuinely hope that one day KZ will be able to properly tune their headphones. Alas the KZ…

Nov 19, 201810 min read
Venture Electronics Odyssey review

Venture Electronics Odyssey review: essential

Venture Electronics has been so far busy creating earbuds and amplifiers, and they never crossed the line of…

Nov 14, 20187 min read
BGVP DM6 review

BGVP DM6 review: show off

Previously-unknown BGVP made headlines recently with their DMG IEM, a product that offers a lot of value for…

Nov 12, 201813 min read
1More Spearhead VRX review

1More Spearhead VRX review: all around you

The new 1More Spearhead VRX are not your average gaming headphones. What started as a fad made of…

Nov 8, 201812 min read
BGVP DX3S review

BGVP DX3S review: making compromises

While BGVP is mostly known for their IEMs, the company actually manufactures earbuds, too. The BGVP DX3S’ peculiarity…

Oct 29, 201810 min read
PHB EM-023 review

PHB EM-023 review: a bassier Andromeda clone

The IEM world has been flooded with cheap Campfire Andromeda clones from China that try to imitate the…

Oct 17, 20189 min read
Anker SoundCore Infini review

Anker SoundCore Infini review: entry point

The soundbar market tends to be polarised and to offer lots of products below $200 and premium devices…

Oct 15, 20189 min read
Kinboofi 8-core SPC cable review

Kinboofi 8-core SPC cable review: entry-level replacement

There’s a world of aftermarket cables out there, and it’s made of different materials, looks and properties. The…

Oct 7, 20183 min read


Sennheiser introduces the new HD 2, HD 4 and HD 500 headphones

Sennheiser introduces the new HD 2, HD 4 and HD 500 headphones

German headphones maker Sennheiser introduced three new headphones lines at IFA 2016: Sennheiser HD 2, Sennheiser HD 4…

Oct 27, 20164 min read
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