Skullcandy Method Wireless promises music for your workouts for 60$

Skullcandy Method Wireless

The latest earphones introduced by American manufacturer Skullcandy are the new Skullcandy Method Wireless, the latest addition to their Sport Performance line of earphones. The aim of the Method Wireless is to bring Bluetooth connectivity and comfort to trainings and workouts.

Much like many other sport earphones, the Skullcandy Method Wireless feature a FlexSport collar which rests around one’s neck; it hosts all of the earphones’ controls and brains. As I have learned trying out similar earphones, this solution relieves your ears from the weight of the earphones and lessens fatigue.

The downside is stability: it usually tends to jump when you run. Skullcandy claims to have circumvented this issue thanks to the DualLock technology, which should allow for greater stability and isolation, but it’s a claim which needs some testing.

Every decent sport earphone offers sweat resistance and Skullcandy Method Wireless has that, too. There is also a microphone to manage phone calls without the need to retrieve your phone from your pocket.

Skullcandy claims battery life should last for 8-9 hours of usage, but your mileage may vary.

Three colours are available for purchase: a black accents on black version, an azure accents on navy blue model and a black accents on white one, which is specifically targeted at women (for no apparent particular reason).

The Skullcandy Method Wireless retails for ~60$/€ and it is already available (e.g. on and

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