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Soundphile Review is a blog about headphones, earphones, speakers, digital audio players (DAP) and other sound-related equipment. It was founded in October 2016.

The aim of Soundphile Review is to provide you with in-depth reviews of audio equipment, news, reports and industry insights. You will also find opinions, a bit of entertainment and personal views on matters only loosely related to sound equipment, such as music albums. I will write content in the most objective way possible, but I will give you my personal opinion on most subjects as I think that’s the way things should be (as in: I have views on things as I’m not a robot, and it would be nice to discuss them with you).

About me: my name is Riccardo Robecchi and I’ve been passionate about audio and music since I was a child. I was luckily born in a family where building planar speakers is a tradition and I inherited this passion for high fidelity. I have worked in the tech press since 2011, when I joined TuttoAndroid, one of the top Italian publications about Android. In 2012 I co-founded a blog about Windows and I now work at Hardware Upgrade, Italy’s largest tech publication. I started reviewing audio products in 2014 and I’ve never stopped since.

A side note on the language: I am Italian and when I started this blog I had never lived abroad. When I founded Soundphile Review I took the opportunity to put myself to the test and see if I could be up to the task of running a blog in English. Although many years have now passed since then and I have lived in the United Kingdom for a while, you will possibly find mistakes here and there: please point those out, I welcome every suggestion to do better and to improve my English. Thank you!

I would like to thank Alessandra Turolla for her help in building the theme.