Skullcandy Barricade: a waterproof, outdoor Bluetooth speaker range

Skullcandy is in the process of shedding its traditional low-cost, moderate-value brand skin by introducing products with higher prices and a greater attention to quality and details. Skullcandy Barricade is the newest offering from the firm in their range of Bluetooth speakers, and this time it’s a waterproof range of devices aimed at outdoor use.

The Skullcandy Barricade range is made up of three different speakers: the Barricade Mini, the entry-level unit; the Barricade; and the Barricade XL, the aptly-named device which is indeed the largest of the set both in terms of size and price.

All of the speakers’ casings are made out of stainless steel and the company highlights the robustness and durability which derives from this material; Skullcandy takes pride in the young design which, however, should not compromise their appeal to an older audience.


The Skullcandy Barricade Mini is shockproof and waterproof (rated IPX5), but it’s also capable of floating – so one shouldn’t worry about losing it in a pool. The battery life is rated at 6 hours of use when paired with a Bluetooth source. It sports a fabric ring to attach it to bags or other objects. Its price in Europe is 39.99€/$, on Skullcandy’s own store.


A step-up from the diminutive entry-level unit, the Skullcandy Barricade gains size and weight, but also adds IPX7 rating, a battery capable of running for 8 hours, a microphone, multi-point Bluetooth connectivity and both input and output AUX jacks. It comes at a price of 79.99€/$ and keeps the shockproof and fabric ring features of the smaller speaker. More info on Skullcandy’s dedicated page.


Last but definitely not least, the Skullcandy Barricade XL is the largest of the trio and also the most feature-packed Bluetooth speaker in this range. It inherits all the relevant features of the Skullcandy Barricade, adding a 10-hour battery and a multi-speaker setup on top of that. The price steps up by another 50€ and stops at 129.99€ (~140$). Like the other two devices, you can take a look at its own page on Skullcandy’s e-shop.

It remains to be seen how these devices will fare in real-world tests, but Skullcandy seems to be willing to up its game with the new products it has been introducing in recent months.

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