iFi iTraveller review: a great case for your audio stuff

iFi iTraveller review

iFi recently announced a slew of new accessories, ranging from cables to cases to put your audio stuff in – and the iFi iTraveller is exactly that. It is a small case made of fabric with ample lining to keep all your stuff safe and sound while you are out and about. And it’s stylish, too!

Disclaimer: this unit was provided on loan as part of the iDSD Diablo accessories. The iTraveller is available for £49. Further information is available on the official website.

Travelling has not been a thing in the past year, at least for me, and that was quite a big change: I used to travel around Europe quite a bit, for both pleasure and work. What I often found myself missing was a case in which I could keep all my audio-related stuff: my DAP, my IEMs, my cables and accessories. Lacking any other options, I resorted to using an old pencil case from when I was in middle school, but that never was a good option: it just didn’t provide the necessary protection for my gear.

In the past couple of years there’s been a somewhat sudden flood of dedicated cases for audio devices on the market. The iFi iTraveller is not among the smallest I’ve seen, measuring 19 x 13.5 x 5 cm, but it’s large enough to hold an iFi micro iDSD (e.g. micro iDSD Signature or iDSD Diablo) or a large DAP, plus at least one set of earphones. It can actually hold much more than that, as inside it are: a large space with an elastic where you can place your DAC or DAP, with an optional Velcro divider in case you want to store multiple devices; a smaller space with a Velcro divider where you can place your earphones; a small mesh pocket on the lid, where you can put another pair of earphones or accessories such as USB cables; a large mesh pocket on the lid, where you can put e.g. a smaller DAC/amp like the iFi hip dac or other stuff like power banks. There are also openings on both the top and the bottom where you can route cables through, plus a mesh pocket on the back.

The iTraveller is quite well built: it is soft, yet with generous padding that helps protect your valuable items. While the outside is made of fine-grained canvas, the inside is made of both nylon-like fabric (on the lid) and plushy-looking fabric (on the main compartment). The overall sensation is that the iTraveller can offer very good protection for the most common situations; inside a bag or backpack it is going to keep things safe and sound (unless you really hit that bag or backpack with a hammer). You don’t need to put the case inside another bag, though, as there is a small strap to carry it more easily.

I tried fitting in a few devices and it worked perfectly. The iFi iTraveller also fits in perfectly in my backpack (see picture above), which is made for 13/14″ notebook PCs and is therefore relatively small, though it is still quite spacious for its size. You should have no issues fitting it even in handbags.

All in all I really like the iFi iTraveller and, considering the flexibility it offers and the alternatives on the market right now, I find it a bit expensive but in line with what it is. I could easily fit everything I need for a short trip in it and I am probably more demanding than most people, considering I review stuff for a living (as it’s my full-time job, in addition to being my hobby!). I think iFi really nailed it with this accessory as it made something extremely useful and for which there’s not that much competition while keeping the price affordable.

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  1. Hi
    Thanks for the thorough review. Like you I have been using and hoc small cases for my music gear including toiletries bags. I will likely buy one of these before my next trip.

    All the best…Jim

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