UE WONDERBOOM makes its waterproof debut at $100


Ultimate Ears, a company chiefly known for its super-hi-end custom in-ear monitors, has launched the new UE WONDERBOOM Bluetooth speaker today. The new device is a rugged (and miniaturised) take on the UE BOOM concept which will debut in April.

The new UE WONDERBOOM can resist falls from up to 1 meter of height and it is IPX7 certified (you can submerge it for up to half an hour at 1 m depth maximum), but it forgoes the usual rugged aesthetics as it leverages the same design concept as its bigger BOOM siblings. It is available in six different colours: Stone (grey), Phantom (black), Fireball (red), SubZero (blue), Cashmere (pink) and Lilac.

Its main feature is 360° music playback, with 10 hours battery life and up to 30 m Bluetooth range. It is aimed at those who look for a small yet powerful Bluetooth speaker that can be used both indoors and outdoors.

The UE WONDERBOOM will launch in April in Europe, North America and Australia at ~$100. You can take a look at Ultimate Ears’ website for more information.

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