Why you will see ads on Soundphile Review

Ch-ch-changes! Small blogs grow. From small things baby, big things one day come.

When I started this blog, three years ago now, I could not have imagined how big it would one day become. You might have noticed that the number and variety (and quality) of products that I review has rather grown over the years. I have built many partnerships and friendships with manufacturers and audiophiles which on one hand allowed me to expand the range of products and topics that I write about, on the other hand has turned a few-hours-a week-hobby into what is now a full-time job kind of effort. With the slight difference being that I am not getting paid for it.

That’s fine by me. I started this as a labour of love, and I intend to keep it that way. What I had not envisioned, when I started the blog, is that a growing website needs more maintenance and, while I don’t mind writing and reviewing for free, I honestly don’t have the skill nor the time to deal with the technical stuff (such as editing CSS and optimising page load time).

I’m planning big renovation in the future, to make your experience as readers as smooth and as enjoyable as possible. In order to do so I’ll have to get someone to help me with the technical stuff. I think my blog is a big boy now and I will have to pay for its maintenance, so I’ve decided to put up some banners. As I didn’t want my readers to be interrupted by an overly graphic ad of how to remove fungi from their toes, I decided to personally choose the advertisers and have a curated selection of ads which will all be audio-related and relevant for the readership.

That, of course, won’t have any impact on the honesty and quality of my reviews. I have never nor will I ever sell my opinion. This is clear to both my partners and those who buy a banner space on my blog. Soundphile Review is still about giving you my unfettered, unfiltered opinion on products.

You will start seeing banners over the coming days and weeks. The first you will see is a banner of Hyland Headphones. You may remember the brand as I reviewed the Hyland Saturn One and I have personally met and interviewed Alex Hyland, whose ethos I admire and whose products I regard highly. That’s the sort of ad you might see in the future.

That said, I hope you are happy with these changes. Stay tuned for the coming improvements and please feel free to tell me what changes you would like to see!

About Riccardo Robecchi

Living in Glasgow, Scotland but born and raised near Milan, Italy, I got the passion for music listening as a legacy from my father and my grandfather. I have reported on technology for major Italian publications since 2011.


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