Headphones in Pictures: BGVP DM7, Fearless Audio S8 Pro

BGVP DM7 Fearless Audio S8 Pro Headphones in Pictures

In the previous Headphones in Pictures post from a few days ago I did mention the fact that more products were waiting to be unveiled, and now that time has come. Here are the long-awaited BGVP DM7 and the Fearless Audio S8 Pro. Although different in design and price, they target the same public: demanding audiophiles who look for an almost ruler-flat frequency response. The key here is the “almost”, as expected.


The BGVP DM7 are the evolution of the much-acclaimed DM6: they use the same solid base and build upon it both in terms of design and tuning. The design is in fact very similar, and it is similarly comfortable. The unit I got has a pearl white faceplate and transparent shell; as far as I know, they will be available in different colours like their predecessors. The shape is not radically different, instead being a refinement of the previous one and aiming for more universally comfortable fit.

The BGVP DM7 use six balanced armatures made by Knowles and Sonion. That’s one driver more than the DM6, and it keeps the “tradition” of having one driver less than the actual number in the name (which is apparently related to the generation). I’ve spent a few hours listening to the DM7 by now and they are at least as good as the DM6, if not even better. I feel they’re even more balanced, with a bit less bass and treble. That’s just a very quick impression, though, so take it with a pinch of salt. Their soundstage appears really great, and instrument separation seems great.

As you can see in the pictures above, the DM7 come in the usual cardboard box BGVP uses for all their products; it contains the earphones, the cable and many sets of eartips. Apparently one eartip got lost in the boxing process, so I only got one of the two M-sized black silicone tips. The full set includes three sizes of tips in black silicone, white silicone and double-density silicone, plus a single pair of foam tips. Alas there’s no case.

The DM7 will launch on May 6th for $299 – my BGVP DM7 review is already online!

Fearless Audio S8 Pro

Now this is an interesting product. I really loved the Fearless Audio S6 RUI, and the Fearless Audio S8 Pro seem to make some improvements all-round, though they’re limited (law of diminishing returns and everything). The S8 Pro have a similar, almost identical design to the S6 RUI, with minor differences here and there; the faceplate on my unit was made to my specifications (that’s possible!) using wood and I’m impressed with the result as it’s really beautiful.

Sound-wise, the Fearless Audio S8 Pro appear to be neutral with a hint of added bass and treble. The “Pro” suffix seems to be well-earned, as those sound really suitable for monitoring. Their technical ability also appears to be remarkable and almost unforgiving when it comes to showing details and flaws in the recordings.

The packaging is superb: the earphones come with a faux-leather case which includes three pairs of dual-density eartips and a metal plate with information on the earphones like the date of production and the person who manufactured them.

The full Fearless Audio S8 Pro review is now online!

The Fearless Audio S8 Pro retail for $489 at Linsoul Audio (also on AliExpress and Amazon).

These two products really are among the most interesting IEMs I’ve tried lately, and I’m eager to try them more in-depth and publish both reviews. They’re not the only products whose reviews are coming, though – keep on checking the blog or subscribe to stay updated!

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  1. Hi Riccardo,

    Thanks for the reviews on these relatively new iems – not many write-ups available online.
    I am trying to decide between the DM7 and the S8F. Is there a great difference in sq between the S8F(reedom) & S8Pro?
    Also, looking forward to your review of the S8 Pro and, if possible, the S8F ?

    1. Hi Ranjit,
      Thank you for your comment. Alas I haven’t tried the S8 Freedom, but as far as I know the difference is just in tuning, not in sound quality (take my words with a pinch of salt, though). My review for the S8 Pro is already online, I don’t know if I’ll be able to review the S8 Freedom but I’ll do my best!

  2. Hi i want to upgrade, currenty i use the Kz Ba10
    which one you think will be better BGVP dm7 or the fearless s6/s8 ?
    i mostly listen to death metal and other brutal stuff

  3. Hello,
    would you recommend me in-ear headphones for listening to classical music and opera under USD 500? BGVP DM7, Fearless Audio S8 Pro, Tansio Mirai TSMR-5, or other one?
    Thank you

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