ONN X6 unboxing: hands-on with a low-cost DAP

ONN X6 unboxing

I recently got my hands on the ONN X6. It is a cheap portable player made by a Chinese company, which has 24-bit/192 kHz FLAC files compatibility among its main features. Its low price and enticing features appeal to those wishing to experience premium hi-res music without the premium price, but can it really do that?

The black box does not even mention the manufacturer’s name (which is a bit odd), but shows its logo and the player’s name. The back side contains all the technical information, both in English and Chinese. There is also a “Hi-Res Audio” logo on the cover, but it appears to be counterfeit (different font, different font weight, no light effects).

The box is very simple and I can easily link them to the boxes of Chinese smartphones made by B-brands: simple, cut to the bone and without frills. It only holds the ONN X6 player, a USB to micro-USB cable, a quick instruction manual (in Chinese, English, Spanish, Russian, Italian, French, German and Japanese). What came as a surprise is a protein leather case. The quality is far from being top-notch, but it is a welcome addition given the price range.

The ONN X6 seems to be well-built (the body is aluminium) and has a minimal design which helps keep it simple. It can host a microSD card and has two speakers to listen to music if no headphones are available. What puzzled me at first is the absence of a button lock, but I will elaborate on that in the review.

The ONN X6 is priced at ~60€/$. I expect to publish a complete review in a couple of weeks, so that I’ll be able to answer the initial question.

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Living in Glasgow, Scotland but born and raised near Milan, Italy, I got the passion for music listening as a legacy from my father and my grandfather. I have reported on technology for major Italian publications since 2011.
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  1. Le tue ottime recensioni mancavano da un po’ su tuttoandroid…e scovando in rete ti ho trovato qui! È un blog tutto tuo? Auguri per questa nuova esperienza…:)

    1. Ciao! Che piacere leggerti!
      Sì, mi sono “messo in proprio” dopo un po’ di peripezie 🙂 La speranza è di riuscire a continuare a dare voce a una delle mie grandi passioni, l’audio. Spero che vorrai leggermi anche in questa sede!

      Grazie degli auguri e a presto!

      1. Ti seguirò con molto piacere, sei un punto di riferimento per quanto riguarda i prodotti audio… Come si chiama il canale YouTube dove metti video? Avrò piacere di guardare anche quelli:)
        Buona fortuna…ci sentiremo nei commenti qui:)

        1. Al momento non c’è un canale YouTube perché non giro video, anche se sto valutando come muovermi al riguardo. Sicuramente nei mesi a venire ci saranno delle novità!

          1. Continuerò a seguirti e vedrò i futuri sviluppi 🙂
            Intanto attendo due review , se ci saranno, degli ultimi prodotti xiaomi appena usciti:
            – xiaomi piston pro
            – xiaomi internet speaker

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