Xiaomi Mi Sports Bluetooth Headset to debut on November 11

Xiaomi Mi Sports Bluetooth Headset

Chinese company Xioami has risen as one of the most influential companies both in the smartphone and in the accessory market. They manufacture everything from routers and headphones to lamps and segways. The latest product they announced is the new Xiaomi Mi Sports Bluetooth Headset, an earphone aimed at sports enthusiasts and all those people who are looking for wireless, sweat-resistant earphones.

The latest addition to Xiaomi’s ever-growing catalogue of devices comes in the form of an earphone which perfectly falls in line with the previous devices’ design. The shape of the earpiece is very reminiscent of the firm’s Mi Band line of smartbands, so it is easy to relate the two. Much like the wrist-worn device, the Xiaomi Mi Sports Bluetooth Headset offers water (and consequently sweat) resistance. They come in black or white colour options.


Weighing in at just 17.8 g, the Xiaomi Mi Sports Bluetooth Headset has a 110mAh battery on board, which should lead to 7-hour battery life. This is possible in part thanks to the adoption of Bluetooth 4.1, which is a low-power transmission standard.


The sports earphones market is growing more and more crowded (the Skullcandy Method Wireless have just been announced, as an example), but Xiaomi is betting on price: the Xiaomi Mi Sports Bluetooth Headset comes with a 22$ (149 yuan) price tag, which comfortably sits in the “affordable” segment. The price is only related to China, as those willing to buy the earphones will need to look at e-tailers such as GearBest.com – they sell them for 28€/32$.

Xiaomi sells its accessories through its online shop in the U.S., but there’s no word as to if and when the new earphones will ever officially reach the West. You can have a look at Xiaomi’s website for more information.

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