Stoner Acoustics introduces the UDX DAC

Stoner Acoustics UDX

Malaysian company Stoner Acoustics recently announced their newest product – a DAC with balanced output and an optional headphone amplifier stage. Called the Stoner Acoustics UDX, the device is the current flagship DAC from the company.

The Stoner Acoustics UDX looks like a no-frills device, with a simple black enclosure and no fancy materials nor extravagant design. In a sense, it has some similarities with other products such as the Topping DX7 (which, truth be told, looks a bit more refined and elegant).

Inside it is an AK4497EQ DAC for each channel, as the UDX has both single-ended output (RCA) and balanced output (XLR3). There are 7 selectable filters and it possible to adjust volume with steps of 0.5 dB.

The only input option is USB, though it is possible to select either USB Audio Class 1 (limited to 24 bit, 96 kHz) or Class 2 (which offers compatibility with up to 32 bit, 384 kHz PCM signal). USB also provides power, though it is possible to purchase a discrete power supply unit to have (theoretically) cleaner power.

The UDXA, which includes the headphone amplifier stage, is not yet launched, but Stoner Acoustics will offer it as an upgrade to current owners who would like to take advantage of it. It will offer both single-ended and balanced output on top of everything the UDX offers, with switchable outputs that will allow one to select their favourite.

Stoner Acoustics sells the UDX at $330 on their website.

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