RHA CL1 Ceramic, CL750 and Dacamp L1 to go on sale on Black Friday

RHA CL1 Ceramic CL750 Dacamp L1

RHA has announced that their newest products will finally go on sale starting today, Friday November 25. The RHA CL1 Ceramic, RHA CL750 and RHA Dacamp L1 will be available worldwide through RHA’s own web store and through retail partners.

The new flagship earphone, the RHA CL1 Ceramic, builds on the success of last year’s RHA T20i with a similar overall design, but with a radically different approach. The design may be similar, but materials are not: the CL1 use ceramic housings as opposed to stainless steel, although the injection moulding process seems to be the same. As the T20i were earphones designed to work with mobile phones, the RHA CL1 need an amplifier due to their 150 Ω impedance. The new CL Dynamic driver makes its debut here and it promises linear frequency response and enhanced treble due to a dedicated ceramic plate transducer. They also come with a balanced mini XLR cable to use with the Dacamp L1 amplifier or other products which support this connection standard. They are priced at £349.95 / $449.95 / €449.95 – a steep increase when compared to previous offerings.

The RHA CL750 inherits the CL1 Ceramic’s CL Dynamic transducer, although it ditches the ceramic plate. Its “Aerophonic” design is directly derived from that of the MA750, while the all-new braided OFC cable is more similar to the one on the CL1 Ceramic. They are also optimised for use with amplifiers and high-powered DAPs. Their price is £99.95 / $139.95 / €129.95 – on the same level as the “old” T10.

Last but definitely not least is the new RHA Dacamp L1. It is a portable DAC and amplifier, using one ESS Sabre ES9018K2M DAC chip and class AB amplifier for each audio channel. It is capable of driving headphones ranging from 12 Ω to 600 Ω. It offers a wide array of input connections: 3.5mm line-in, USB-A, USB micro-B and mini-TOSLINK. Output is delivered through 3.5mm jack or 4-pin Mini XLR. The RHA Dacamp L1 features a 4000 mAh lithium ion battery which should allow for 10 hours of continuous usage. It is made out of aluminium. It has a £399.95 / $549.95 / €549.95 price tag.

Since today is Black Friday, RHA is holding a sale, too, with its MA Series, T Series and S Series products which get a 20% discount using code RHABF16 at their online store (UK/US/EU).

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