Marshall Mid Bluetooth headphones feature aptX 30-hours battery life

Marshall Mid Bluetooth

Marshall has unveiled the new Mid Bluetooth headphones. The new model joins the growing line of headphones from the English company to feature Bluetooth connectivity and is expected to be aimed towards general consumers with consequent sound signature.

The new headphones are heavily advertised as having a great battery life, as the company claims it goes up to 30 hours of non-stop playback over Bluetooth. They are also supposed to be especially comfortable, thanks to the presence of a plush headband and of 3D hinges. The drivers are 40mm, almost a standard among this type of headphones.

Much like its Android smartphone, the London, the Marshall Mid Bluetooth offer an option to share your music by featuring an additional 3.5-mm jack, suitable for letting another person listen to the same tunes with their own pair of headphones. This feature will probably impact on the Mid Bluetooth‘s battery life, although it is hard to say how much a priori.

Those worried about sound quality due to the Bluetooth connection could find a bit of relief by knowing that the Marshall Mid Bluetooth support aptX technology, which should allow for CD-like quality (16 bit, 44.1 kHz).

The user can control both the volume and the playback thanks to dedicated controls on one of the housings.

The Marshall Mid Bluetooth is already available on Marshall’s site for 199$/€.


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