Klipsch Stream multiroom audio system now available

Klipsch Stream
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Klipsch announced back in September it would enter the multiroom audio market with a few products supporting DTS Play-Fi. The new Klipsch Stream Wireless Multi-Room Audio System is now officially available for purchase and is ready to battle Sonos, Pure, LG and all the other multiroom audio systems out there.

The system is made up of various products, including two soundbars, a wireless speaker, a tabletop stereo and two wireless adapters. They all sport a modern, minimal design, with the exception of the tabletop stereo which is reminiscent of older times.

The soundbars are named RSB-8 and RSB-14 and feature Bluetooth, optical and RCA inputs, along with HDMI inputs and outputs supporting 4K video passthrough. The Klipsch RSB-8 has a 40-inch length and retails for 500$, while the Klipsch RSB-14 measures 44 inches and has a 700$ price tag.

The more “classic” speaker, the Klipsch RW-1, is the only direct competitor to Sonos speakers in the Klipsch Stream line-up; it can be both used standalone or in conjunction with speakers in other rooms (for multiroom setups) or with another identical speaker (for stereo setups). It retails for 250$.

The strangest device is without a doubt the Heritage Wireless Three tabletop system, also known as The Three. It adopts a design language similar to that of the Fifties, with a strange Fallot-4-esque look to it because of its mix of old and new. It has Bluetooth and USB audio inputs built-in, and it can be both used as a standalone speaker or as a part of a Stream multi-speaker system. It is planned for release at the end of November at 400$.

The Gate and PowerGate wireless adapters allow the user to add non-native wireless devices to the Stream environment; the Gate allows to connect CD players, turntables, A/V receivers and so on to the system, while the PowerGate can actually drive speakers and have them connected to enjoy music through the Stream system.

All the speakers can be set and paired up using Klipsch’s mobile app. As of now, the app is available on Android but awaiting approval on iOS, while a Kindle version will come next year. You can have a look at Klipsch’s website for additional information about the new products.


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