Xiaomi speakers and more on discount at GearBest

Xiaomi Bluetooth Speakers

Chinese online retailer giant GearBest is currently having a sale on many speakers from various firms, including products from Xiaomi, the famous “Apple of China”. Prices range from $5 to $45, but these are not your typical cheap, low-quality Chinese knock-offs.

Owning four of the five speakers linked below, I feel confident in recommending them as they are well worth their (low) price. Sound quality is obviously not sky-high, but the sound quality/portability ratio is very high.

The following are the products on sale:

  • Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker: the first-gen Xiaomi speaker makes up for lacking connectivity options with good sound quality. It’s got an attractive design, too! It is on sale at $19.49 on this page.
  • Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker (2nd gen): definitely among my favourite portable speakers, due to its small size but big sound. It sound way better than its size would make one think and it’s full of options. It is $43.82 and you can find it here.
  • Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speaker Mini: this one is truly small: it’s a cylinder with a 4 cm diameter! It is a good, extremely portable alternative to phones’ and tablets’ integrated speakers. You can buy it for $11.99: click here.
  • BTS 06: this one is found on Amazon with different names (I had it with the TaoTronics brand on it) and while sound quality really is not in its top priorities, you can safely use it while having a shower. What’s more, it’s only $6! Have a look at its product page.
  • Cube X3: this one is the only one I did not personally try. It is 6.99$, though, so while I would not expect much of it in terms of sound quality, it seems like a solid cheap device which supports microSD and USB thumbdrive playback and FM radio. Have a look at it here.

Please post a comment if you have any questions or if you want to share your purchase or opinion!

Disclaimer: please note the links above contain a tracking element. While I take no profit from sales, it allows Gearbest to track sales coming from Soundphile Review and to continue sending me products I can review (i.e. Superlux HD381 review).

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