Headphones in Pictures: Yinyoo Pro and Topping NX4 DSD

Topping NX4 DSD Yinyoo Pro Headphones in Pictures

Here they are – two of the products I’ve been trying lately and whose reviews are almost ready for publication. They are the Topping NX4 DSD, a portable DAC and amplifier, and the Yinyoo Pro, a hybrid IEM. The latter is a budget product, the former sits in the “affordable” area as in Topping’s tradition.

Since this is a blog, after all, I’ll spend a few words to shed light on my activities as of late. It seems ages since I wrote a Headphones in Pictures post (or a review, at this point), but my personal life has been a roller-coaster in the last couple of months. The sacrificial lamb has been this blog so far – not because of intention, but rather due to circumstances. I got back to work as a freelance sysadmin and this further reduced my almost non-existent free time. It’s a tough situation, but one I will come out stronger than before! The time has come to regain control and to spend more energy in what matters – in this case, doing what I like: writing reviews about audio gear. On to the topic of this post!

The Topping NX4 DSD is a portable DAC and amplifier, as I already stated, which is only slightly larger than the NX1s while packing a host of additional features. It retains the same design language, with similar details (e.g. the volume knob).

The box comes with a slew of accessories: there are multiple cables (micro-USB to USB-A, USB-C and micro-USB), an aux cable with a 3.5 mm jack connector on each end, two rubber bands and one rubber pad to use it with portable devices and a few velcro pads. This accessory set is almost identical to the one provided with the NX1s – since it was fairly complete then, I find it right now.

The Yinyoo Pro sits in the lower price range and is part of Yinyoo’s expanding offer. Though they use a shell identical to that of other products (i.e. NiceHCK Bro), they seem to have different tuning. They come with a rather hefty amount of accessories, a fact that is a bit uncommon in this price range – but a welcome one, indeed. There are six pairs of silicone eartips and one pair of foam tips, plus a cable clip and two silicone ear hooks (not pictured).

I think they are perfectly fine with their low price – both because they offer adequate quality for the price, and because they would be overpriced if the price was higher. The review is coming very soon, so I won’t delve into too many details for now.

There are a few products I only recently started trying and a few I tried for what is a long time now; expect new updates soon as April will be an especially rich month!

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