Headphones in Pictures: Linsoul BLD, Yinyoo V2, Tenhz P4 Pro

Linsoul BLD Yinyoo V2 Tenhz P4 Pro Headphones In Pictures

The year is coming to an end – but the pile of products that need reviewing does not. There are a few products that I hope I will be able to review in the coming days, despite the new year and another exam session at the uni coming. Among those are the Linsoul BLD (which I actually already reviewed!), the Yinyoo V2 and the Tenhz P4 Pro.

A lot has changed in my life this year, especially when looking at how I live social situations and my place in this world – so I took the opportunity (and the chance, too) to travel a lot and find myself in unprecedented, unfamiliar and sometimes upsetting situations. We might say I put myself to the test. And I’m glad I did! I came out stronger (and hopefully wiser) than before. This, together with a lot of work, caused time to work on reviews touch a new all-time low, and you can clearly see that by looking at how many reviews I published in the past three months (spoiler: not too many). But I am glad that I can still work on reviews, and that new, exciting things are ahead. Stay tuned!

As you can see, my love story with tea is also going on strong: I discovered new ways to brew tea (hello, gong fu brewing!), new teapots and new teas. The teapot and cup you see in the pictures are the latest additions to my tea-making set, courtesy of my parents who gave them to me as Christmas presents. Drinking tea while listening to music is one of my favourite activities, as I can blend my favourite hobbies together. Next in line is getting a Yixing teapot and a chawan to brew matcha tea: I am sure I will sneak those in to a Headphones in Pictures article as soon as I get them…

Linsoul BLD

I did not know Linsoul made self-branded headphones until I received a package from them with the BLD in it. They’re a good product from many perspectives, though their weird tuning makes them less desirable than they could be. You can read the full Linsoul BLD review to know more about them!

Update: the Linsoul BLD review has been published!

Yinyoo V2

This clone of the Tin Audio T2 is actually quite decent, as I’ve come to expect from Yinyoo (whose cables are actually quite good!). The Yinyoo V2 are as close to the T2 aesthetically as they are distant acoustically. Their V-shaped tuning makes them more fun and appealing, but less faithful to the source. One thing that I like about them is the presence of 2-pin connectors, that I find more reliable and durable than the MMCX alternative.

Update: here’s the Yinyoo V2 review!

Tenhz P4 Pro

The Tenhz P4 Pro are the real surprise in this Headphones in Pictures article: they’re really enticing from every angle one can look them at. They’re well built, they come with a slew of accessories and their tuning and technical ability are very, very good. All of this while keeping the price at an affordable level! These may end up being as good as the BGVP DMG, if not even better! I am really amazed by the amount of interesting products that are coming out of these mostly unknown manufacturers from China as of late, especially since they are priced very competitively most of the time!

Update: I published the Tenhz P4 Pro review.

There are a few other headphones waiting to be reviewed, and a few sources too. Expect most of the reviews to be out my mid-January, and a couple other Headphones in Pictures articles in the near future!

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Living in Glasgow, Scotland but born and raised near Milan, Italy, I got the passion for music listening as a legacy from my father and my grandfather. I have reported on technology for major Italian publications since 2011.


  1. Hi, important question, what version of YinYoo V2 do you have? There are currently 3 revisions floating around

    1. Good question. I got it back in November, so almost two months ago. As far as I know, this might be the second version as the third one was introduced in December – feel free to correct me, though.

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