Headphones in Pictures: Meze 99 Classics

Meze 99 Classics Headphones in Pictures

Meze’s flagship product is called the Meze 99 Classics and they’re over-ear headphones that not only aim for sound quality, but for aesthetics and comfort too. They feature wood earcups and a design that sets them apart from other headphones in more than one way.

I have been using the 99 Classics for the past year and a half, though I haven’t used them on a daily basis – more like once in a while. I only recently got to use them more frequently and I have to admit I was stunned by both their sound and their comfort. The latter got me especially intrigued as I did not remember them to be this comfortable – it is often difficult to me to wear headphones for more than an hour because of my sensitive scalp, but the 99 Classics I can easily wear for three hours and more.

I think the Meze 99 Classics are one of those “love at first sight” headphones – their appearance is really unique and peculiar. When I first received them I was amazed at how they looked. One year and a half later, they are still among my favourites when it comes to looks. I found few people disliking them, but their negative opinion was due to the fact that they though they looked “old” – which is part of the reason they’re called “Classics”, I believe.

The review is almost ready – it will take a few days to refine it and (hopefully) shoot some quality pictures. I seize this opportunity to also talk about some new product reviews that are coming in the not-so-distant future: I received a package from RHA yesterday and a couple DAPs are on their way. What’s more, in (probably late) January I will be taking a look at Venture Electronics‘ cable business. I also recently got a Sennheiser HD6XX and a HiFiMAN HE-560, so I will probably write a review on them in the future. It seems like the coming weeks will be pretty busy!

This article belongs to the Headphones in Pictures series, which aims to give you some early impressions on headphones and an early look at them before the review is published.

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