MrSpeakers AEON has its official introduction at $799

MrSpeakers AEON

MrSpeakers has recently announced their new closed-back headphones: called MrSpeakers AEON, they are based on the Ether Flow technology and are currently the most affordable product in the manufacturer’s line-up, their price being $799.

The MrSpeakers AEON (or ÆON, as they stylise it) employ an “all new proprietary planar driver” with V-Planar driver processing, which makes the driver move more like a flat planar surface and thus move more air, increase bass response and reduce distortion. The TrueFlow technology first showcased on the Ether Flow headphones is also used: it allows to reduce the distortion caused by the magnets of the motor.

The headphones feature a NiTinol (a nickel-titanium alloy) memory metal headband in conjunction with a genuine leather headband, together with carbon fiber cup components. They weigh in at under 340 g, which is fairly heavy (but manageable).

The pricing of the headphones is nearly half that of the Ether, so MrSpeakers is actually competing with its own products. This move may however pave the way for the San Diego, California-based manufacturer to settle in a price range previously inaccessible and possibly cater to a wider audience.

Please note that the first 250 customers will receive a $100 discount, bringing the price down to 699$. You can order your own on MrSpeakers’ site.

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