Interview time: Lee from VE (Venture Electronics)

Interview with Lee, Venture Electronics

Venture Electronics, or VE, is nowadays a household name for most audio enthusiasts around the world. The Chinese company got itself a name thanks to clever marketing, affordable prices and – most importantly – attention to sound quality. I (figuratively) sat down with Lee, VE’s founder, and asked him a few informal questions about the company, their products, and where it is all going.

VE’s most famous product, the VE Monk Plus, is inevitably the main character in this interview – you can read about it in our VE Monk Plus review. But VE’s offering is wider than a single pair of earbuds – so let’s ask Lee about it.

Riccardo: Dear Lee, thank you for agreeing to answer my questions for this interview. Venture Electronics has a solid name among audio enthusiasts. How did it all start? 

Lee: It started because I wanted better gear for myself. I have been an audio nut all my life and a registered Head-Fi member since 2006, but the more I played with it, the less it excited me, so I decided to take the matter into my own hands.

Riccardo: How can a $5 earbud sound this good? It puts earphones with 10x that price to shame! What’s the secret behind the Monks? (not really asking you to divulge your secrets! We all know there’s magic involved!)

Lee: It does not cost more to make a better earphone (unless you consider premium cables!). So the Monk Plus is the best we could have done for this “easy to drive solution”, and we don’t think it should be expensive, as everybody deserves better sound quality.

Riccardo: What about the new Espresso Edition? What is new about them?

Lee: Nothing new, there is just a different cable, therefore they sound differently.

Riccardo: Do you see a market for earbuds in the coming years? Will they still be popular among consumers?

Lee: Earbuds will always be there, since they are sonically equal opponent to IEMs, and they offer a different choice to us, the audio nuts. Yet for everyday folks, I will say IEMs are still going to be more popular; for us, I see a good future, as everybody who bought the Monk Plus, will share them with their loved ones.

Riccardo: Are we going to see a further expansion of the earbuds offering from VE in the future?

Lee: That is business choice, you will have to find out like every other clansman we have all over the world!

Well, I am sure something is coming our way, although it will never be soon enough! Thank you to Lee for this opportunity to talk about his products. Other reviews and contents about Venture Electronics will come in the future, so stay tuned!

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